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How To Reduce Logistics Costs

No single department could persuade the head of field sales to address his underlings’ lax attitude toward their data. When the full cost was recognized and charged back to his department, standards changed. Unless cost cutting is new to the company, you’ve already done away with most discretionary, comfort, and non-mission-critical perks and activities, such as holiday parties, event tickets, and tuition reimbursement. If that’s the case, don’t try to eliminate more—you probably can’t. Combine activities like training days and celebrations into single events. Cross-schedule the use of outside resources, such as facilities or trainers.

IT cost reduction mistakes

This refers to reducing costs evenly across teams or departments. The reality is, different areas of a business have different expenditure needs to function sufficiently, and they have varying levels of critical importance to a company. First, identify what functions and processes your business absolutely needs to function, and calculate the costs of keeping them up and running. Then prioritize your cost-cutting efforts by targeting the non-essentials first. While this could be a barrier for smaller companies with limited systems resources, many 3PLs have the experience and resources to integrate data from multiple systems to facilitate decisions.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Some companies believe that the best negotiated prices can be achieved when they use a single source for all their transportation. This is fairly common for purchasing departments to use a single source for a range of products that a single vendor can provide. Motion – unnecessary movement if workers have to access equipment or tools in various locations of the company to do their job – time and money wasted.

Strive to eliminate any work for which the cost exceeds the value—keeping in mind that it surely has some value.

Take a look at where you spend resources on the off chance that certain events might arise. If they were to occur, would they be embarrassing but not very costly? If you’ve answered yes to either question, you’re probably wasting those resources. We recently discovered an opportunity to reduce a company’s IT costs by more than $300,000 in the first year, and up to $500,000 a year by the fifth year, simply by changing its data storage policies to better fit its needs.

IT cost reduction mistakes

One fast-food client required daily reconciliations of the cash balances of every one of its 600 stores, even though 99% of them had not had an error in more than a year. The company discovered that once a week was more than sufficient to catch errors before they did any harm. These positions were established on the assumption that two or more groups cannot understand each other’s functions well enough to communicate efficiently. Multiple studies have shown that this assumption is often wrong. We recently found a way for a company to save more than $600,000 a year just by eliminating coordinators between HR and other departments in the same building.

In addition to documenting product data, manufacturers can help reduce scrap and rework by carefully and consistently monitoring how products are made. You’ve been a good manager of a large department for some time now. Because most cost-cutting efforts occur in times of crisis, an unfortunate tendency is to focus excessively on immediate needs to the detriment of longer-term plans.

With Scrap On The Line, Focus On Manufacturing Processes

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal tracking solution for your project or organization, build it with Camcode. Defects – Due to poor quality control and quality assurance measures results in defective products, returns, law suites. Waiting – Due to un-synchronized or breakdown in interdependent processes, poor technical support etc. leads to loss of time and missed opportunities. Inventory – over production of goods which might require huge costs in storage, space consumption, packaging costs etc. Outdoor Warehouse Solutions Explore labels and signs engineered to last in even the outdoor spaces. IndustryDefense & Law EnforcementUID Labels Explore tracking options that comply with Unique Item Identification standards such as MIL-STD-130 and STANAG 2290 .

IT cost reduction mistakes

Reducing logistic costs is often the number one priority for a businesses’ bottom line. There are many methods that can help improve supply chain processes and in turn save a business money. Methods of reducing logistic costs can range from optimizing inventory levels, to recharting better shipping networks, to creating better processes, to improving supplier/third party relationships and so on.

When keeping to a mandated budget, it’s easy to forget that the objective of cost-cutting isn’t to minimize upfront expenditure but to maximize return-on-investment . Opting for cheaper, lower quality equipment or services that generate less value for your business will ultimately cost you more. This includes opting for open-source solutions that at times prove less polished and efficient than paid ones, and will thus result in reduced productivity. Ditto for outsourcing processes or products, which are cost-effective in the short term but can lead to excessive complexity and prove difficult to manage in the long run. Instead, look for options that, in your best judgment, will give you the most bang for your buck within the constraints of your budget. If priority is given to evaluating and improving your manufacturing processes, it becomes much easier to reduce the amount of scrap and rework in your organization.

Outdoor Solutions Explore labels and signs engineered to last in even the outdoor spaces. Warehouse Cold Storage Check out labels and signs that can be installed in refrigerated or freezing warehouse environments as cold as -20°F. Historically, managers were evaluated against the no-surprises standard. However, by rewarding managers for protecting against low-probability, low-consequence events, this standard has predictably produced excess costs. Do the routine 90% of items cost much less to handle than the exceptional 10%? At a large health insurer, we found that a “clean” claim cost 80% less to process than one that required special handling.

Scott Stone is the Director of Marketing for Cisco-Eagle, a provider of integrated material handling systems for industrial operations. Scott has over 23 years experience in industrial operations and marketing. Labels that meet defense standards and last the life of your assets.

Change The Process

Rob has overseen more than 1,400 projects across a wide range of industries. A senior supply chain management consultant and author of several books on supply chain using enterprise resource planning software, Martin Murray has been the expert for logistics and supply chain since 2008. Overproduction – Too much inventory causing inventory costs due to lack of demand & supply data. Andrea Stroud is the Research Program Manager for APQC’s supply chain management, product development, and innovation research. She conducts research and publishes relevant, meaningful content for APQC members and other clients.

On-Demand Laser System for UID Labels Explore options to image your own asset tags onsite with a marking laser cart. Abrasion & High Traffic Explore asset tags for use in abrasive conditions such as harsh industrial, desert or high-traffic applicaitons. Saltwater Explore asset tags for use in marine operating conditions exposed to saltwater spray. Harsh Environment TrackingSunlight/UV & Weather Explore asset tags certified for installation in outdoor environments exposed to sunlight, weather and heat.

IT cost reduction mistakes

This invites —actually, it begs for —both overproduction and shortages. Not only are large adjustments a pain, but they violate Toyota Production System thinking, which seeks to reduce fluctuations through frequent small adjustments. He joined the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC, Inc.) following a successful consulting career in California’s Silicon Valley. Eventually, Olivier decided to fuse his unique style of shop floor-based teaching with his proficiency in TPS to create Ydatum Operations Management Engineering, Inc.

How Paper And Electronic Change Processes Compare To Cutting Scrap

It’s also important to eliminate lag time between making a change decision and communicating it out to stakeholders because, without advanced notice about upcoming changes, it’s difficult to work together to optimize production. Neglecting to correctly manage this process results in serious waste, yet it’s a mistake many manufacturers continue to make. Every company has unstructured departments—marketing, strategic planning, financial analysis, operations management—where the workload is not a function of repetitively processing certain transactions or information. These departments conduct analyses to develop insights that can lead to better decision making.

However someone wanted to pay me was fine by me—money was money, right? —until I realized that for one of my clients, who would pay a $200 invoice every month, I’d pay $40 in bank wiring fees. Some lessons you learn the hard way, but when the hard way involves losing money, it’s worth trying to learn from someone else’s mistakes first. So I’m here to share the five most brutal mistakes I made when I first started my content writing business. Internalize them now, and save yourself some grief down the line. By offering all transportation out to bid, via a RFQ , a company can provide carriers with a detailed explanation of what they require, which may fall outside of what is normally provided by a common carrier.

  • This makes inventory management much more complicated due to constantly having to manage and transfer stock between warehouses around the globe.
  • (An organization can be inefficient in total even if each group within it is efficient.) So if your goal is 30% or more, you must think more broadly.
  • It’s never a good idea to attempt to do the same work with 20% fewer people.
  • Consider eliminating the review entirely, conducting it less frequently, or checking just those units with a history of supplying bad data.
  • If you feel similarly paralyzed, consider organizing a cross-department audit of all regularly scheduled meetings to figure out which ones can be repurposed, consolidated, or eliminated.

I ended up rewriting content I’d paid someone else to create and lost a decent amount of money on the deal. As we have seen in previous classes, it is critical to measure the right parameters and processes and ensure that measurements are meaningful and pegged against appropriate volume indicators. Cost reduction starts with fully understanding all costs and separating them into variable and fixed costs.

In the hustle to bring costs down, it’s easy to forget that the ultimate goal of your business is to serve your customers. So before you implement any cuts and changes, you need to first gauge your customers’ response to your proposed cutbacks and how these will affect your services. Find a way to consult your clients, such as through beta tests or Cost Reduction Strategies focus groups, instead of just making unilateral decisions internally. Government & Civil Assets Explore asset tags designed for permanent attachment to government assets. In a market defined by frequent product changes and the growing pressure to innovate, effective change management processes and methods are key to preventing scrap and rework.

Although documenting changes is the first step, an equally important part of change management is the effective and ongoing communication of change information. When your manufacturing processes have been captured, reviewed, and approved via a controlled documentation and release process, the risk of scrap and rework is greatly reduced. But to further minimize the risk, manufacturers must also document and optimize the way they manage changes to the manufacturing process. The only thing worse than being forced to personally implement administrative cost cuts is being forced to implement ones you know you will regret in a month.

Choosing Cost Over Quality

I learned that I had to say no, and that boundaries were just as healthy in business ownership as they were in my personal life. Saying no allowed me to keep full control over my own schedule, reduce unnecessary time spent, and focus on the things that brought in the most money. I’d reach out to clients with ready-to-go pitches either at the end of a month or right at the beginning of the next, and as soon as they were approved, I’d start on initial outlines. By batching tasks like outline creation and research into certain days, it was easier to keep everything flowing. In the end, I was able to fit in six more blog posts per month by retooling my process. I adjusted my contracts and switched off a few different payment options in my invoicing software, and my payment fees dropped significantly.

The 5 Avoidable Mistakes That Cost My Business Money

Decreases freight costs through better truck utilization in both full and less than truckload shipments. Increases storage density in bins & racks by improving vertical space utilization or bin re-profile as a means to achieve it2. Decreases freight costs through better truck utilization in both full. Gas Cylinder & Tote Tracking Explore barcodes designed to permanently track gas cylinders and chemical totes. Gas Cylinder Testing Increase the accuracy of cylinder tracking for testing, certification and delivery.

They tend to consider supervisors and the number of people reporting to each—spans of control—at the beginning of the review process, when it’s easy to conclude that big changes are impossible. That’s because heads of staff functions are viewed as needing subject-matter expertise in the areas they oversee. This makes for narrow spans of control, especially when subordinates are doing distinct, specialized tasks. If your business is in Hanover, Morristown, or Madison, then contact our experts at Online Computers today. We’ll help you turn these cost-cutting measures into tangible benefits for your business.

People will object to the burden of creating a contract, voice fears about confidentiality, and so on. But when several opportunities are presented simultaneously, organizations tend to be more willing to face the onetime discomfort and take action. Ana Gotter Ana is a strategic content marketer specializing in business, finance, and marketing writing, though she’s worked across a range of industries. She works from her home in Orlando with her three dogs and can be contacted at

To maintain a competitive edge, small and mid-size manufacturers must constantly find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. One way companies can save time and money is by preventing scrap and rework. Documenting product data, reviewing manufacturing processes, and clearly communicating changes throughout the supply chain all prevent scrap and rework from cutting into a company’s bottom line. With an automated, cost-effective transportation and logistics system, a company can implement major strategic changes to provide visibility, reduce costs and increase customer service levels. Plus the emergence of cloud-based technologies have made this considerably easier/more affordable than ever before; so even small companies can take advantage.